Strong Ageing

Strong Ageing

Become an expert in training Seniors

If you are a personal trainer or a health coach and work with any clients who are 55 or older, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about their training needs and become a true expert. Even if you don’t train senior clients, you will learn a ton of valuable stuff about movement, exercise modifications, and more.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the definitions of older adults and knowledge about changes to their muscles, joints and motivation.
  • Have an understanding of the pros and cons of inactivity and activity for older adults.
  • Have a list of appropriate exercises for older adults, together with templates for workouts that are modifiable.
  • Have an understanding of the impact of chronic illnesses or age-related illnesses and how to work around them, and what modifications you can make to exercises for people in pain.
  • Know what questions you should ask a doctor, physio or physician who oversees your older clients, to enable you to better understand your work with them.
  • Know what assessment and client history is relevant to you as a trainer or practitioner.
  • Know how to get older people moving again, increasing motivation and adherence.
  • Know specific progressions / regressions to exercises that you may use when working with this demographic.

What's included?

5 Videos
5 Quizzes
19 Texts
1 Download
Greg Mikolap
Greg Mikolap
Main guy here

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Greg Mikolap. I’m a Physiotherapy graduate and a full time personal trainer with 10 years’ experience working full time in the trenches.

This course on Strong Ageing is the result of years of training, reading scientific papers and communicating with the best people in the industry. I’m really proud of the end product and I believe it will not only help you to grow your expertise, client base and income, but will also enrich your professional and personal interactions with what I have found to be a highly knowledgeable and engaging demographic.